5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Zero Waste Journey

Chloe on 20th Apr 2022

1. Bring your own water 

I personally think this is very easy to achieve. 

Buy a reusable water bottle that you like, that suits your lifestyle (one that can fit into your bag or has a carrier bag), and take it with you to school/work. 

To be honest, I rarely buy drinking water from the shop, only done it occasionally when I was desperate (on holiday), or when we need a big water supply for camping.

2. Take your reusable bags with you/Leave them in the car!

Sometimes we may forget and leave our reusable bags at home, yup I get it. Been there and done there, felt frustrated because I don’t want to get more bags! Since then I have learned to put my reusable bags in the car. This way you will never ever forget, and there is no need to get plastic bags from the shop at all. 

For times when I forgot to bring my produce bags, I refuse to use the plastic bags. I just put my fruits and vegetables in the trolley, and put them on top of the bag on checkout, this way our produce will never be squashed!

3. Only buy what you need

Did you know that about one third of the world’s food is being thrown away?

When it comes to food waste, I am guilty. I have learned that if I only buy what I need, for example instead of getting grocery for the whole week, I only get enough to last for a few days. Use up what I have, before the next grocery run. Which is why I love to shop at the local.

4. Shop locally

It’s convenient.

It’s good for the environment by reduced carbon footprint.

We support local business.

No need for impulse buying.

5. Make the swap that you think it is achievable 

Think about what is achievable for you, this is important because you want to stick to it, you want to only buy what you need.

Here are some suggestions for you:

What about a reusable coffee cup? Can you take your reusable cup to the shop next time when you order a takeaway coffee?

What about a reusable straw? In developing country like Malaysia, single use plastic straw is everywhere! And that’s a BIG concern!! Which is why we need to make a change! If one people uses a cool and good looking reusable straw, other people see it, they want to follow the trend! This is a good trend, we want to limit the use and eventually stop the plastic straw, we want to help the environment!

What about reusable cotton bud? A reusable cotton bud eliminates about 1000 single use type.

Single use cotton buds are harmful for marine animals. Think about each time you use a single use cotton bud, and you throw it. What benefit do you get? Nothing. What about each time you use a reusable cotton bud, rinse it, keep it, and reuse it again. You help protect the marine animals. Thank you.

By using reusable, by reducing the waste we produce, or even aim for zero waste living,

It makes you feel good.

It helps the environment.

It helps the Earth.

It helps the animals. 

I think these are good enough for us to think about making a change. Thank you.

There are many other ways that you can do to achieve low waste/zero waste living. Every single step you make, has the impact on Earth. Every little step adds up! 

If everyone does their own part, we will be able to sustain the environment, and try not to jeopardise it any further.

Thank you for reading x