What’s so good about KoffieStraw

What’s so good about KoffieStraw

Chloe on 18th May 2022

KoffieStraw is made of 100% silicone and can last for years and years.

Once silicone is burned, it produces a naturally environmentally friendly non-toxic ash.

BUT DONT WORRY, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures above 200degree celsius, so it tolerates hot drinks easily. Plastic straw will leach BPA and lead under hot liquid.

It can be trimmed to any size, so good for adults and little ones. 

My personal example is — When my little one was trying to learn to drink from the cup, I noticed that he pressed the cup against his nose. It gave me the impression that he needed to hold his breath to drink water. So he sometimes prefer to use KoffieStraw to drink his juice/milk- NO SPILL :)

It can fit into nearly all size coffee cups and travel mugs (Joco, KeepCup, Yeti, Terri’s, Tumbler).

It is made of certified food grade silicone, use it with a peace of mind 100%

It is dishwasher safe.

Silicone is non stick, so very easy to clean.

It limits enamel stains on your pearly whites! So will be super BENEFICIAL when you have your braces on, and need your caffeine fix everyday!