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we exist to turn off the tap on single use plastics. 

we exist to secure the future of all species big & small.

we exist to slam the brakes on waste. 

we exist to inspire new eco warriors to fight the good fight with us.

ecoji was founded due to environmental impact that our single plastic waste is having on our environment, land and marine friends.

we see awakened consumerism, education, putting pressure on policy changes and our own individual action as a 4 pronged approach to combat this problem is extremely urgent. 

we believe the fastest way to solve the environmental issue we are facing now is through individual action. companies make what people buy. if we stop buying things we don't need or environmentally unfriendly goods, the production will stop way sooner than any policy change we can hope for. join us on this journey and lets turn off the tap on single use plastics forever. 

yours sincerely 

team @ ecoji