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Thinking of making a switch today but don't know where to start?

Dont worry Ecoji have you all covered! And the best part is we are giving you a 5% off!

Our basic bundle is a great way to reduce waste allowing you to shop for ingredients such as flour, nuts and pasta in bulk using our onya bulk food bags and then store your fresh cooked loaves in onya freezer proof bread bag.


>1xBread Bag

>1xBulk Food Set(Inlcude: Large Tote Shopping Bag, Small, Medium and Large Bulk Food Bags + Carry Case-makes it super convenient for you to carry around). So this is all you need when you go to a bulk food shop and enjoy shopping!

*Up to 46 recycled plastic drink bottles used in this bundle

*Made with sustainable material

*All products are recyclable

*12 months Manufactureres Warranty

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